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Ever since we moved to Fremantle, I’ve been hearing a lot about these mysterious Melville Markets but have never quite managed to make it there, that was until last weekend. They were mysterious because a) I had heard different reports on their location b) noone was admitting to actually having been to them and c) car boot sales aren’t really a thing in Australia as far as I can tell! I forgot about them for a while until I spoke to a neighbour a few doors down who had been and said it was definitely worth a punt. So last Sunday morning I headed down with a friend to see what thrifty treasures we could find. I was pleasantly surprised to see some vintage, antique and home grown plant stalls mixed in with the usual clothes, toys and tat.

A few in particular caught my eye with bright retro colours, animal skulls, West German pottery, huge old bottle collections and a plant stall which gave me a lots of succulent inspired ideas. Not one to go away from a market empty handed (well who is?), I managed to pick up six lovely succulents for $18 and two matching vintage bottles for $1 each which say ‘This Bottle Is The Property Of Nugget Polish WA’ and underneath ‘This Bottle Must Not To Be Used As A Food Container’. I’ve got plans to make some yellow billy ball flowers out of wool and use them as vases in my living room – DIY coming soon!

Nugget Bottles Edit

For the succulents, I wanted to recreate one of the miniature gardens that I saw at the market, so I got straight to work using a terracotta pot, some succulent/potting mix, large stones and small yellow pebbles that I already had in the garden. The pot that I had was much bigger than the ones at the market, so I filled it with normal potting mix halfway, then broken plates and then succulent mix. I added five of the succulents, then the large stones pushed in quite well and finally decorated it with the yellow pebbles. What do you think?

Terracotta Pot: $15 from Bunnings (already owned)
Succulent Potting Mix: $7 from Bunnings (already owned)
Large Stones: $10 large bag from Masters (already owned)
Small Yellow Pebbles: $5 bag from Bunnings (already owned)
Succulents : $15.50 (only used 5)

Total Cost: $35

Succulent Garden DIY


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