Inspiration | Dining Room

Wall Dining Room

Yellow Accent Dining Room

Plant Dining Room

Colour Dining Room

Rug Dining Room

Map Dining Room

1. Industrial Diner 2. Mid-Century Diner 3. Farmhouse Diner 4. Neon Diner 5. Aztec Diner 6. World Diner

I’ve been searching for the right dining set for our house for a while now and have been hitting Pinterest in search of inspiration.

A few years ago I bought a beautiful solid pine farmhouse table and painted the legs for that two tone/dipped effect. It did us proud for a while as a dining table, craft table, games table and entertainment table but its always looked a little out of place with our vintage style, so I figured it was time for a change. We already have a mixture of Eames DSW chairs in white, a beech Ercol spindle chair and a couple of industrial steel cafe chairs, so I was thinking of just replacing the table with something darker, extendable and 60s in style.

I’ve been scouring Perth Gumtree and eBay for about 6 months and am delighted to say I finally found ‘the one’ a few weeks ago! I’ll be posting an update of the new set up soon, but before I do, which style do you like best?
I love mixing brights with darker woods, but also think the feature wall, rug or statement plant work well with classic pieces.

Check out my Pinterest Home Inspiration board for more great room sets…


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