Interior | The Nature Lodge

Over the holidays we headed to the East Coast to visit some friends and spent Christmas in their lovely beachy B&B. With only a 50m walk to the bath like waters of St. George’s basin, we got stuck in everyday swimming, fishing, kayaking, BBQing and sailing!

It only took 2 hours to drive from Sydney, but once we got there it felt like a world away. Close to Huskisson and Jervis Bay, we had plenty of places to discover, taking directions from a couple of knowledgable 11 and 12yr olds (now 13) hungry for sweets and ice-cream (and me too).  The surrounding lush green forests and National Park could have been anywhere in the UK, but the stunning coastline and inquisitive wildlife gave it away with parakeets, kangaroos and galahs just some of the sights.

Our favourite place was The Nature Lodge though, with its perfect beach hut getaway vibe. Hanging out on the deck, soaking up some sun, warm outdoor showers and BBQ for dinner…life doesn’t get much better!

Jo mixes up her style of traditional English antiques with family favourites, cottage charm and beautiful sun drenched beach finds. Although it was hot, sunny and seasidey, it was the perfect Christmas wonderland.


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