DIY | Quick Balcony Screen

After unpacking, positioning and repositioning the furniture a few (too many) times, the next big job to tackle was the balcony. It’s a huge space, perfect for BBQ-ing, eating and sitting out but it looks straight onto the road. Whilst that’s great for a spot of people watching, we didn’t like the thought of passers by watching us back so we decided to invest in some screening.

As we’re renting and the rules are pretty strict, we came up with a removable option that’s just attached for safety. There was talk of breaking up some pallets and creating a row of planters to hold it against the railings but the wind is quite strong in the afternoons and it seemed like a bit too much effort so that’s been put on hold (indefinitely).

My handy man Eddie folded the Jarra reed for doubled thickness and attached it with just a bit of galvanised wire at the top and bottom every half width. The finished result is great with a complete block from the outside and still a bit of people watching action from the balcony side. It took about 20mins and the total cost was just $64 for the 4 rows of reed, as I already had the wire in my box of tricks. A very successful Saturday indeed!


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