Interior | Cabin Fever

Images | Cabin Fever

If you’re walking around Perth looking for a cute little cafe to have lunch, then you definitely won’t find Cabin Fever. Hidden away in the easily missable Bon Marche Arcade, Cabin Fever is a little treasure you have to hunt for…but once you know it’s there you’re sure to become a regular. Set along the end of the parade next to it’s friend and partner in crime Pigeonhole, Cabin Fever initially looks like you’ve stepped into your Grandma’s front room. Scattered with 1960s furniture, the seating arrangements are organised into two areas; a relaxed sofa based coffee room and a formation of tables and desks for the dining room. Walking through to order, there’s so much to look at that you might find yourself standing still and staring or tripping over the step as you read the specials board…so be careful. Aside from the decor, the other delight is the wonderful food. Healthy, rustic and tasty, I sampled the beef, rocket and mustard chutney bagel and my favourite Limonata drink which totalled up to the very reasonable price of $10.50. With Pigeonhole just next door full of beautiful clothes and vintage accessories, you may well find you’ve spent a whole afternoon away from the sunshine and stepped back into another era.


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