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Although I’m not homesick for London quite yet, I am missing my old stomping ground…the East London gem that is Spitalfields Market. Surrounded by independent boutiques, hair stylists, florists and bars, the market changes it’s character depending on the day of the week. Thursday is the clear winner though with a mass collective of weird and wonderful vintage and antiques marked at amusingly outrageous prices. Find blueprints, fox furs, china doll parts, taxidermy creations and ‘classic’ records scattered amongst 50 stalls guarded by London’s hard core market sellers.

And sitting right in amongst it is Elemental; a vintage and retro sourcing store that showcases its’ mixture of wares both inside and out. Industrial styles are fairly core to their collection, but it’s not all steel and rust. You can take a trip back to primary school with miniature classroom chairs, or to your childhood post office with wall height filing cabinets featuring hundreds of drawers. One of my favourite pieces is the reassembled, upcycled Chest of Drawers by Rupert Blanchard which sits in pride of place in Elemental’s window on Brushfield Street. It’s such a clever, inspiring idea; successfully combining the cause of recycling with the vanity of vintage. The British public thought so too, as Rupert’s Chest was recently voted Best British Product Design 2011 by Elle Decoration readers.  Check it out tomorrow if you’re about…

Rupert Blanchard | Chest of Drawers


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