Architecture | Federation Bungalows

Images | Mount Lawley Area

I’ve seen street after street of these wonderful little houses all around Mount Lawley and Highgate and am looking forward to renting one very soon. They have so much space at the front with a garden, path and large shaded veranda; perfect to watch the world go by whilst staying out of the heat. I love how people have set their furniture up like a second living room with sofas, rockers and cushions all at the ready for a relaxing afternoon on the porch.

A little architectural history lesson…

Federation Period

The Federation Period lasted from approximately 1890 to 1915. This style is associated with Australian independence and the evolution of the country as an entity in the world separate and unique from the British Empire. These homes remain some of the most popular to own and renovate among aficionados of old homes.

Federation homes were said to have developed from the Queen Anne style, but in fact, there are several styles that sprung up during this period that developed similarly but independent of each other. Federation Edwardian and Federation Queen Anne styles still held on to the grandeur of past styles, but there was another new style which was more intimate and down-to-earth… the Federation Bungalow.

The Bungalow style was primarily developed out of necessity at the end of the period due to materials and craftsmen pledging their support for the British at the start of World War I. Bungalows are single-story homes with low ceilings. These homes tend to be smaller than the styles before it, and they are known for their simplicity.

(Information from Old House Architecture Australia)


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