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Positioned in Perth’s expanding Highgate district, Orno Interiors is eclectic, mixing classic styles with the very latest in digital prints. Run by mother/daughter duo Rosie and Gab, the Beaufort Street boutique represents the front end of a very busy house. With their own furniture and interior design services already underway, Orno seemed like the next logical step, bringing them to the forefront. Origin Interiors caught up with Gab just days before her exciting beach wedding to find out more…

What’s your store about?

Well we promote a crossover of contemporary and traditional and the majority of our furniture is our own range that we manufacture here in Perth. Rosie and I work together and Rosie does all the design. It’s more decoration than hardware and we offer interior design with furniture, curtains and cushions, the whole thing.

The store is really well styled, how do you decide on all of the accessories?

To be honest, we buy the pieces we like and we make it work. We don’t just come up with a story and have to fit everything into that. If we find products we love and they’re fantastic products, they’ll work.

You’ve got a lot of industrial pieces…

I’m not into the wheels and the bare wood look. It’s more the classic style – just because I love the finish and I love the texture. We do like the bronze finishes because they go into so many settings, they’re great, again that crossover.

What’s your favourite piece in the store?

My favourite piece would have to be this table…I love this table. I love the legs. I know it sounds a bit strange, but look at this leg! It’s so big and robust, but then it’s got a kind of fineness to it, that delicacy that I think is just gorgeous, the beautiful leaf that comes up, I think it’s just fantastic.

So you’ve recently acquired House of Hackney…

Yes apparently we’re the only stockiest in Australia. We love it! It’s fantastic and quirky and whimsical, oh yeah and weird, it’s great! It’s like Colefax & Fowler on acid.

Back to decorating, what’s your top tip?

I think people try and make it too complicated, what we do with the decorating is that a lot of the time we just facilitate. I think if you go in there and say ‘clean palette, get rid of it all’ you know you might want to keep that antique chest of drawers and I’m sure if you just re-polished it and put a beautiful mirror above it, it would look fantastic. So really it’s about finding out what the client wants and working with that, because I think if you try and make your look work on them you’ve lost before you’ve even started.

What’s your favourite era for design?

I can’t just choose one! Well in the store we take the best from each era, it’s not just about “mid-century modern”. For me, I hate picking one, but if I have to, I’d have to pick Deco. Ruhlmann is just a god, so when you come down to it, the things they did then were just stunning, all of it was pretty good. Well, not all of it actually it, some of it was pretty cheap, but that style.

What’s your house like?

My house is crazy and I’m obsessed with religious iconography. So I’ve got the big Mary and I love it! It’s…eclectic. My house is lived in and comfortable and everyone that comes feels comfortable. It’s got more of a retro feel, but then I’ve got a lovely glass top 1920s dining table and the matching seats, so there’s my deco friend again.

What do you think about the Australian interiors scene?

It’s young, but it’s growing. The design side, actual furniture design is really growing and they’ve got some good courses. I think it’s definitely developing and quite quickly. Even though we’re young, we’re getting a good base, a good knowledge. We’re always educating our customer about what we’re doing and what works and why it works.

As well as working feverishly on last minute wedding arrangements and their brand new website (coming soon), the girls have restyled the store and will be creating a new corner especially for their House of Hackney capsule collection.

So if you’re out and about tomorrow, pop up for a look and enjoy the annual Beaufort Street Festival at the same time!


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