DIY | Vintage Map Wall

I’ve been wanting to create a symmetrical frame wall for ages and when I found a tin of vintage map postcards at the Country Living Christmas Fair I knew just what I’d do with them. I started out with a tin of 18, but have only used 9 (so far) and think they look great in these small wooden frames from Ikea.

The process was pretty straight forward and didn’t take too long, roughly an afternoon whilst watching some T.V. I got everything I needed out and set it all up on my dining room table -obviously not advisable to do painting in the house but it was raining outside so I just opened all the windows.

I took off all the packaging and laid them out on my trusty plastic sheet. I used B&Q’s White Satin Wood Paint which looks really nice but was extrmely sticky and took ages to dry, so might have to re-think my paint purchases for later projects. It went on very thickly and evenly though, so the actual painting was very quick.

I waited until they had dried completely overnight and then used some fine glass sandpaper to roughen the edges, a bit like white washed drift wood. Although you can see it clearly on the picture below, it’s not very noticeable when they’re all together on the walls, but I think it adds to the overall look as otherwise I could’ve just bought the frames ready painted.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and have made a narrow ‘nothing’ wall into an interesting feature. I think 9 is fine for the moment, but 12 is my preferred number – what do you think?


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