Thrifty Finds | Vintage Enamel Bowls

Chiswick Car Boot

After a few disappointing expeditions to car boots that didn’t even warrant a Punt, I wandered back to good old Chiswick for some thrifty pieces.  I love mid-century shabby chic items, so was really please to find some large enamel bowls with a suitable amount of wear and tear. The seller was a lovely lady in her 50s who had a beautiful stall offering bundled swatches of patterned fabric, handmade recycled paper, homemade lavender hearts, wicker baskets, bowls and wooden furniture galore. I found these little gems nestled underneath some stacked metal hanging baskets that would have been perfect for making kitsch paper or candle chandeliers, however I had to make a choice, so I went with these. The lady charged me the offensively cheap sum of just £1 each, so I couldn’t refuse to buy both, eventhough I haven’t a clue where they are going to go. But as the old saying goes, you can never have too many old and battered enamel bowls.


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