Interior | Chin Chin Labs

This weeks ‘Interior Of The Week’ takes us to North London’s infamous Camden Lock Market. An area home to fashion and music forward celebrities and gig goers alike; the Lock Market is a mix of craft and trash with stalls attracting thousands of tourists everyday of the week. One of the newest stores to catch our attention is The Chin Chin Laboratorists which offers a novel ice cream service made using liquid nitrogen. Available in minutes and made from almost any combination of ingredients you can think of (within reason of course), Chin Chin Labs, is a great addition to Camden’s established food stalls which offer great diversity and value for money.

Describing itself as a laboratory fits perfectly, not just from the scientific method of ice cream production, but also the unsual decor they used to deck out their new kitchen come parlour. From metal tubing and glass measuring jugs to industrial lighting and chemistry lab style furniture the look is convincingly school like with a touch of geek chic. The colour combinations of red, orange and yellow are retro without looking garish, whilst the beech wood surfaces are reminiscient of an Ikea Hack. Complete with grided glass and white board menu, the look is authentic at every turn. With the severe lack of space inside the shop (rent is pretty steep), the Chin Chin team have cleverly created an outdoor eating space with swings and stools that carry on the industrial flavour and colour scheme. The perfect spot for a leisurely Saturday honeycomb, caramel and chocolate nitro ice cream…yummm!

Courtesty of The Chin Chin Laboratorists


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