Stores | Velvet

Split across two locations in infamously trendsetting Brighton, Velvet is the go-to boutique for interior accessories, furniture and kitsch handmade presents. Set up as a family business a decade ago, Velvet has blossomed over the years moving into lighting, beautiful reproduction furniture and home accessories as well as fashion and footwear.

Wandering down East Sussex’s very own Bond Street, you have the best pickings of what Brighton boutiques have to offer, with Velvet in prime position. Their smaller store is mainly filled with enchanting home accessories including painted glass tea light holders, feature wall picture frames and bunting galore. Although a little on the girlie side, there are some real gems here at extremely affordable prices. On my last visit for instance, I purchased a very large wicker heart with a gingham hanging tag for only £9, a fraction of the cost of other ones available.

Further out of Brighton in homely Hove, you will discover the delights of eclectic reproduction furniture. Here Velvet have made it particuarly difficult to pick era specific themes for your home as their collection is so extensive and varied. With lights cascading from the high ceilings and furniture displayed in neat miniature settings, it’s an inspiring place to visit even if you can’t afford their key pieces.

Courtesy of Velvet



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