Interior | Hurwundeki

It all began with a vintage inspired hair salon in fashionable East London, but the Hurwundeki enterprise founded by Korean hairdresser Ki soon expanded into fashion and food, opening their popular boutique and café in trendy Spitalfields and Hackney respectively.

The Hurwudeki boutique mixes vintage with new designers in both their clothing and interior choices. Decorating the masculine upstairs with dark Oak and industrial metal pipe shelving is in complete contrast to the more feminine lower ground with its many flowers, mirrors and glass. Built into a basement with cave like alcoves, the lighting is strong but with a soft, warming glow, making the shopping atmosphere relaxing and welcoming despite it usually being heaving with customers.

The café based a little north of Hurwundeki’s Shoreditch stomping ground reflects the diverse nature of their many fans and patrons. With a child friendly fantasy style playground out front and a more grown up take on the local deli style eatery inside, Hurwundeki’s eclectic mix of affordable living and beautiful interior decoration has proven that any type of establishment can be stylishly individual. As well as decorating using vintage, refurbished and newer pieces of furniture and accessories in their stores, Hurwundeki offers customers the chance to buy the props as well. Maybe Hurwundeki Interiors isn’t too far behind?

Cafe | Hackney

Boutique | Spitalfields

Salon | Brick Lane

Courtesy of Hurwundeki



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