Interior | The Brick House

After buying a small mid-century brick house in the middle of ‘retirement hell’ in America’s West Coast Helmet, CA, Morgan and The Boy (her dutiful handyman boyfriend) set up a beautiful blog dedicated to the thrifty renovation of their newly purchased home.

With the abundant availability of 1940s – 1960s furniture in America, Morgan’s Brick House has become a haven of classic design with a minimalist twist. Working with a small palette of colours and materials, she has brought her stage by stage transformation, design style and thrifting savvy to the world.

Setting tasks and projects that readers can easily follow and replicate, Morgan has shown how simple it is to create stylish interior design on a tight budget. Vowing to never spend more than $100 on any given item, they scan Craiglist for local furniture and Home Depot for cheap materials, making stunning pieces in the truest sense of DIY.

Check out their ingenious homemade bookshelf in particular, built from spray painted pipes and planks of stained wood which has been copied and showcased on a number of crafty/interior blogs – and possibly will be on this one at some point!

Courtesy of The Brick House

The Brick House


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